Ya’ll, can I be brutally honest?
This last year has been THE HARDEST year of my life.
 I took a leap. I hired my first employee. I opened a larger business. I had weeks where writing a payroll check actually made me want to vomit. I agonized over the decision to fire an employee.

My husband and I had a really rough patch. After six years of marriage we almost called it quits. I literally felt like I was spiraling out of control.

But when shit was going sideways I didn’t run and hide. I kept showing up. When clients I had built years of trust and relationships with left me for my former employee, I kept pushing harder. When I heard of people talking badly about me and my salon, I took the high road. When our marriage got hard we both worked on ourselves to save it.

But it is still hard! Life is not the perfect picture we paint on Instagram. This shit is messy and scary and down right depressing sometimes.

Entering in this competition for me was taking a leap that scared me. …

One. Whole. Year.

Yesterday was for celebrating!
 I hosted an event at the salon for the community to celebrate our first year in business. We invited The Biggest Little Fashion truck out of Reno to do a pop up during the event and it was a huge success. Stay tuned for more events with BLFT in the future!

My amazing aunt and cousin with CreationS made an adorable party set up and brought my vision to life (hello doughnut board). Tanner's aunt supplied the delicious champagne cupcakes, thank you Phyllis! Thank you to my right hand girl Anabell for helping me set up, clean up and plan this whole thing. And of course thank you to my husband for holding down the fort at home this last week while I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off.
As promised, I made a HUGE announcement last night at the party. I have officially launched The CollectiveSusanville's first blow dry subscription service.
So what is a blow dry subscription? 
Well we are constantly getting comments from clients like "…

25 Lessons I Have Learned By Age 25

Twenty-Five. What a weird age right? Suddenly a quarter of a century. Suddenly closer to 30. I wont lie, I have been having a little bit of a freak out about turning 25, but time stops for no one and tomorrow is the big day! So, I thought I would try to make myself feel better by documenting some of the best lessons I have learned so far. Maybe this will help someone younger along the way.  I tried to do this somewhat chronologically, enjoy:

1. Your sister is your friend for life, even if you don't always get along.

2. Patience is a virtue.

3. No matter your religious affliction you can choose to believe your loved ones who have passed on are watching over you.

4. Fuzzy socks on polished floors result in busted chins. 

5. You CAN wear too much eyeliner and there WILL be a photo to document it somewhere. 

6. Some friends are only in your life for a season.

7. Your worth is not determined by a boy, a man, or ANYONE'S opinion of you.

8. Always wear your seat belt.

9. Don'…


What a year 2019 has been so far!
It's nearing July which will mark one year since my last Price Revision. I am sure you have noticed all the big changes that have happened with Salon 705 since last July. The biggest by far being the opening of the new larger location, hiring of staff as well as some new amenities like our house made lattes, new retail products available and completely redesigned website.

As many of you have seen, this past year was not only a year of personal growth, but also a year of massive business growth. My schedule became increasingly busy and it was, at times, hard to schedule an appointment.
Therefore, starting July 1st, 2019 due to high demand, I will be implementing a Price Revision for my services. I am doing this so that I can spend the perfect amount of time with each client to focus on your unique needs. I also hope to make appointments more available to you as my clients so that you can get the dates you prefer.
I hope this advance notice will serve …

Stop. Wasting. Time.

June 2nd was mine and my husband's sixth wedding anniversary. Last night we went to dinner in Reno and then a movie. It was well after midnight when we were driving home on 395. For those who may read this that aren't local to the Susanville or surrounding areas this is the 80 mile long strip of highway between Reno, Nv and Susanville, Ca. It's fairly remote and teaming with wildlife.

I was nodding off in my seat, two glasses of sangria, a rich dinner in my belly, then followed by a movie left us out way later than my normal Sunday night bedtime. Our car dramatically decreased in speed and my husband did a quick U-turn causing me to startle awake. Our headlights were now shining on a man climbing out of his overturned car with blood covering one arm.

We helped wrap his arm (thank goodness for the clean t-shirt I had in the back of my car) and my USMC Veteran husband did a quick tourniquet to stem the blood flow as we waited for emergency services to arrive. Thankfully the…


Hey there,

If your reading this your probably invested in keeping up with Salon 705. If you don't know Salon 705 is owned by Amanda Shepard (me) and started as a tiny little home salon and has grown into a larger space on Main Street.

I have been fortunate to follow my dreams and passions because I have an amazing husband who supported our family financially. My husband has bore the burden of supporting our family in times that the salon was not producing enough revenue to do so.

My husband has made the decision to go back to school and I couldn't be more proud of him for pursing a new career path, however this changed our financial situation. With these changes I had to make some tough changes and decisions about my business. In order to insure I could help support my family I decided to let an employee go at the salon. Clients that had appointments on her books have already been notified.

I know that news travels fast in a small town and I wanted to make sure everyone knows …


We've all heard it before, everyone has the same amount of time in a day. The difference is how we choose to use that time. How much we value that time.
My most precious time is time spent with my son. That time has no monetary value, but it is priceless. It's priceless because time spent away from him it is time I cannot get back. We just celebrated his 3rd birthday. Three years went by in a literal blink. I am already having a hard time recalling how his chubby baby face looked until my Facebook memories pops up and leaves me in tears. How did it go so fast?

Time is fleeting. Ask anyone with grown children and they will tell you to cherish these hard toddler years because before you know it they will be all grown up. Why do we nod our heads but not truly take those words to heart? Stupidly I have wasted a lot of time.

I have realized that I have missed out on a lot of memories with my son because I was working. I missed his first steps. I missed taking him to the firetruck …