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When I Didn't Value Myself.

With Valentines Day still on our heels I wanted to open up and share a little more deeply into my life and tell you about a time when I did not love or value myself.

As a child I was shy, painfully shy. I remember sitting in class thinking "please don't call on me, please don't call on me" as I sank lower into my seat. If my name was called my entire face felt like it was on fire and I would stammer out the few lines of text I was supposed to read as quickly as I could. I was actually a skilled reader, reading much higher grade levels than most of my class but I was incredibly self conscious. I even remember crying once at the grocery store when my mother chatted with the check out clerk asking him if he had graduated and I happily chirped that I had just graduated too...kindergarten. My mom and the check out clerk laughed and I was MORTIFIED. When we left the store I was in tears.

As a middle school-er I was still painfully shy but had a good group of close friends…

Who Said Brunette is Boring?

Transformation Tuesday. 

Happy Tuesday! Here are some recent Natural Beaded Rows transformations from right here at Salon 705. We are loving our brunettes in this post but of course NBR looks great in any color.

The salon is in full Valentines Day Celebrations! Andrea is giving away $70 worth of styling tools HERE. We are also asking for nominations for a deserving lady to win a free haircut and blow out, please email and tell us who and why they need a little pampering on us this month. 
We also are serving up FREE mimosas (21+) for our guests and giving away valentines to our valued clients because WE LOVE YOU! Seriously, I am blown away with the amount of support for my little salon. Salon 705 won The Knot Best Of Weddings 2019 which is already making for a great new year here at the salon. Both myself and Andrea are filling quickly this month so don't forget to book your Valentines appointments before we are FULL, click HERE to book. 
As always if…