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Let's Talk About Natural Beaded Rows (NBR)

Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions

What are they? NBR is a weft style extension system that is attached with beads and string.  It has minimal points of contact on your natural hair smaller than your pinky nail, about 12-15 points per row. This makes it incredibly gentle on the natural hair. NBR was created by Danielle K White owner of DKW styling in Laguna Beach, CA. Danielle created this method specifically for fragile, fine hair so it is a perfect method for fine haired girls but is great for any hair type.

NBR uses the highest quality remy, single donor, hand tied human hair
Lets break all that down:

REMY- cuticle correct- meaning all the hair is tied to the weft in the direction it grew from the head. This prevents tangling issues.

SINGLE DONOR- each bag of hair is form one donor making it less prone to color inconsistencies and tangling.

HAND TIED- each individual strand is hand tied onto two strings creating a weft of hair. NO machine wefts here! Hand tied hair is very comfor…