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One. Whole. Year.

Yesterday was for celebrating!
 I hosted an event at the salon for the community to celebrate our first year in business. We invited The Biggest Little Fashion truck out of Reno to do a pop up during the event and it was a huge success. Stay tuned for more events with BLFT in the future!

My amazing aunt and cousin with CreationS made an adorable party set up and brought my vision to life (hello doughnut board). Tanner's aunt supplied the delicious champagne cupcakes, thank you Phyllis! Thank you to my right hand girl Anabell for helping me set up, clean up and plan this whole thing. And of course thank you to my husband for holding down the fort at home this last week while I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off.
As promised, I made a HUGE announcement last night at the party. I have officially launched The CollectiveSusanville's first blow dry subscription service.
So what is a blow dry subscription? 
Well we are constantly getting comments from clients like "…