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Invest In You.

I have spent several thousand dollars on my education this year.

Get With It Susanville.

I posted a poll on Instagram on what my next blog post should be and everyone wanted to to read about Susanville getting with the times. So here we go... When I go on vacation or pass though a new city I immediately google that city. I yelp nearby restaurants, I Instagram the city to see if there is any cool places to visit, and find info on cute businesses I might want to shop at. Susanville is super unique, we have a TON of small businesses but unless you are a local chances are passing through town you never knew those businesses existed. Ya'll do you know how many travelers we have especially in the summer months that are passing right on through our town who don't stop? Have you ever been on a road trip where you just meander to your destination stopping at all the cool places along the way? Maybe even spontaneously staying at that cute bed and breakfast you saw on Instagram?  There is a reason why businesses in Susanville seem to be dying. We aren't searchable. If…