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We've all heard it before, everyone has the same amount of time in a day. The difference is how we choose to use that time. How much we value that time.
My most precious time is time spent with my son. That time has no monetary value, but it is priceless. It's priceless because time spent away from him it is time I cannot get back. We just celebrated his 3rd birthday. Three years went by in a literal blink. I am already having a hard time recalling how his chubby baby face looked until my Facebook memories pops up and leaves me in tears. How did it go so fast?

Time is fleeting. Ask anyone with grown children and they will tell you to cherish these hard toddler years because before you know it they will be all grown up. Why do we nod our heads but not truly take those words to heart? Stupidly I have wasted a lot of time.

I have realized that I have missed out on a lot of memories with my son because I was working. I missed his first steps. I missed taking him to the firetruck …

Don't Forget The Journey

This is how Salon 705 looked when I first signed my lease in July vs. how it looks today.

This is how Salon 705 looked when I first opened.

I think it is so easy to see someone's success but many fail to see the struggles and the journey it took to get there. My salon started as a stuido salon in the apartment above my garage. I had a used, uncomfortable salon chair and plastic waiting chairs from Ross but it was mine and I worked harder for that salon than I had ever worked for anything.

When I made enough money to upgrade my equipment I swapped out my salon chair for a nicer one and slowly the salon looked better and better.

It has taken six years to get to this space. Six years of relentless hard work.

Never forget the journey that lead to the place you are at now. I am so guilty of this. It is easy to say but hard to do. I put my head down and work but never look back at how far I have come. I'm in the constant grind but never in a state of gratitude.

Self reflection i…