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This has been an incredible year for myself, my family and my business. So many events have really pushed me to rise this year. I have learned more lessons about owning a home and a business in the last six months than I ever thought possible.

I have also learned just how important rest and recovery is for my inner artist. The part of me that comes out while I am doing hair. My creative, fun loving side that loves the art behind doing hair. The artist in me can quickly burn out.

When my artist burns out, I also lose my energy and patience as a parent. When my artist burns out, I am not the wife I want to be. Expanding my business has not expanded how many hours I have in a day. I first thought I needed to do more work in a day to make up for working less days a week. But I have found that more work does not equal more time. It equals more stress. More stress snuffs my inner artist's fire. More stress makes me an anxious mess.

Sometimes it takes a voice of reason to really…