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Ya’ll, can I be brutally honest?
This last year has been THE HARDEST year of my life.
 I took a leap. I hired my first employee. I opened a larger business. I had weeks where writing a payroll check actually made me want to vomit. I agonized over the decision to fire an employee.

My husband and I had a really rough patch. After six years of marriage we almost called it quits. I literally felt like I was spiraling out of control.

But when shit was going sideways I didn’t run and hide. I kept showing up. When clients I had built years of trust and relationships with left me for my former employee, I kept pushing harder. When I heard of people talking badly about me and my salon, I took the high road. When our marriage got hard we both worked on ourselves to save it.

But it is still hard! Life is not the perfect picture we paint on Instagram. This shit is messy and scary and down right depressing sometimes.

Entering in this competition for me was taking a leap that scared me. …