25 Lessons I Have Learned By Age 25

Twenty-Five. What a weird age right?


Suddenly a quarter of a century. Suddenly closer to 30. I wont lie, I have been having a little bit of a freak out about turning 25, but time stops for no one and tomorrow is the big day!

So, I thought I would try to make myself feel better by documenting some of the best lessons I have learned so far. Maybe this will help someone younger along the way.


 I tried to do this somewhat chronologically, enjoy:

1. Your sister is your friend for life, even if you don't always get along.

2. Patience is a virtue.

3. No matter your religious affliction you can choose to believe your loved ones who have passed on are watching over you.

4. Fuzzy socks on polished floors result in busted chins. 

5. You CAN wear too much eyeliner and there WILL be a photo to document it somewhere. 

6. Some friends are only in your life for a season.

7. Your worth is not determined by a boy, a man, or ANYONE'S opinion of you.

8. Always wear your seat belt.

9. Don't drive behind ex-boyfriends - the person in the back is always at fault in a rear end collision.

10. Don't let someone walk away with your yearbook when signing it with a sharpie.

11. Some friends ARE meant to be in your life for the long haul.

12. Spend time more with your family and less time with your friends before you move away.

13. Cherish the time you have with your grandparents. Ask them stories, write them down, commit to memory the way the smell and little things that you love about them.

14. Toxic people don't have to be in your life, even if they are relatives.

15. Wear sunscreen. Put extra on your face.

16. You don't have to spend a lot of money to have your dream wedding and if you elope your family will get over it.

17. Don't be afraid to take a low paying job that will give you a high level of experience.

18. If you live by the ocean don't take it for granted.

19. Sometimes the best move you can make is moving HOME whatever that means to you.

20. Keep dating your spouse. Your kids will move away someday.

21. Snuggle your child while you can. They stop asking for it sooner than you think.

22. Your plans can change or grow. Follow your intuition and go all in. YOU are your BEST investment.

23. Payroll isn't as scary as you think - they have an app for that.

24. You are uniquely made. No one can do something exactly the way that you do it.

25. You CAN'T stop people from talking about you. You CAN control how you react.

That's it! Twenty-five nuggets of wisdom on the eve of my twenty-fifth birthday. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if did please give it a share on Facebook so that maybe someone who needs this today has the chance to see it!

All my love,



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