Stop. Wasting. Time.

June 2nd was mine and my husband's sixth wedding anniversary. Last night we went to dinner in Reno and then a movie. It was well after midnight when we were driving home on 395. For those who may read this that aren't local to the Susanville or surrounding areas this is the 80 mile long strip of highway between Reno, Nv and Susanville, Ca. It's fairly remote and teaming with wildlife.

I was nodding off in my seat, two glasses of sangria, a rich dinner in my belly, then followed by a movie left us out way later than my normal Sunday night bedtime. Our car dramatically decreased in speed and my husband did a quick U-turn causing me to startle awake. Our headlights were now shining on a man climbing out of his overturned car with blood covering one arm.

We helped wrap his arm (thank goodness for the clean t-shirt I had in the back of my car) and my USMC Veteran husband did a quick tourniquet to stem the blood flow as we waited for emergency services to arrive. Thankfully the man was alright and had rolled the vehicle while trying to avoid a deer in the highway.

I was in a similar accident when I was 18. I was driving on highway 32 towards Susanville when I lost traction on some gravel, over corrected and flipped my car. I was probably driving too fast, distracted with excitement to get home because (my now husband) had just arrived the night before and I hadn't seen him in months. One second I was driving along, smiling and listening to the radio and the next I was looking at my shattered windshield as I hung by my seat belt. My heart pounded as I stood on the side of the road hoping someone would drive by and help me. Thankfully I wasn't injured just shook up.

Last night was a reminder of my own accident in more ways that one but it was also a reminder to stop wasting time. We are in such a hurry to reach our next destination ( or at least I am) but if you aren't stopping and enjoying the journey then what is the point? You never know when a deer is going to jump out and cut your journey short, or if a fork will force you down another path.

Life can feel so demanding with what should I do next. But what happened to right now? I know I am guilty of being so focused on what's next that I can ignore the most important people in my life. I have told my son no countless times because I had work to do. I have ignored my husbands stress because I had my own stress to deal with. The list goes on.

Today is Monday, the salon is closed but I am here on my computer, I just finished up payroll and my son should be waking up from his nap any minute. The weather was been cold and rainy but today it is beautiful out and warm. As soon as I wrap up here I am going to leave my phone in my bedroom, tuck my computer away and go outside and play with my son until its time for dinner. I wont feel guilty about not answering appointment request emails, folding laundry, or anything else that can wait.

I am going to commit to spending more time with my son without distractions on the days I am at home. I am going to stop wasting this precious time with him.

- Amanda


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